Hami App 

Our application is designed to make it easier for you to take care of your pet. With Hami Apps, you can find the necessary products, pet stores and choose the right veterinarian. 

Medical card 

In Hami Apps, you can create a medical record of your pet, where all the necessary information will be stored for you and your veterinarian. 

Breed Book 

In our Breed Book, you can find information about more than 200 animal breeds, including cats, dogs, birds, rodents and amphibians. 

Facilities for your pet 

If during a long walk with your pet you wanted to have a snack or drink a cup of coffee, but do not want to leave your pet alone at home Hami App can help you.

Our Values

We really do believe that community of pet owners needed to have a convenient app for it's needs

Our Mission

Make life of pet and owner easier 

Our Project

Our project is designed to quickly connect pet owners with people and institutions that provide animal care services.